Tee Up Your Golf Ball Without Bending Over

Tee Up Your Golf Ball Without Bending Over

Tee Up Your Golf Ball Without Bending OverTee Up Your Golf Ball Without Bending Over

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The TeeHelper Tee Assist

91 and still playing!

The idea for the TeeHelper came from my 91 year old Dad while playing golf. He remarked that for him, the hardest aspect of golfing was bending over to tee up his golf ball. "We need to invent something!" So I started the journey.

Conversations with fellow golfers revealed that many others had a similar need. Bad back. Bad knee. Brace on the leg. Dizziness bending over. Wheelchair. Big paunch. Many people could benefit from a device to allow them to tee up without the strain of bending  over

Sample tees included


 2 oversized tees included with your TeeHelper assist tool

Release grip to free the ball on your tee


Easily pick up the TeeHelper with your shaft

Use Your Club to Pick up TeeHelper

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Use the TeeHelper to pick up your tee

Pick Up Your Tee

How to use the TeeHelper


To use your TeeHelper:


  • First hold a ball and tee  in one hand and the TeeHelper by it's handle in the other. Hold the TeeHelper horizontally. Place a ball and tee in one of the cups and squeeze the handle to grip the ball and tee.  Keeping a firm grip on the handle, let the TeeHelper swing down to a vertical position. Holding as vertically as possible, push the tee into the ground to the desired height.   (The height can be re-adjusted by re-gripping the ball and tee and then moving it up or down.)  Slowly release the grip to free the ball sitting atop the tee.  If the ball happens to fall off the tee simply pick up the ball with the TeeHelper and slowly open the device while holding it over the tee.  Or just repeat the whole process.  
  • The TeeHelper will also easily surround and pick up a ball lying on the ground or in the ruff. 
  • The tips TeeHelper  can also easily pick up a tee  from the grass or in the ground.  Just squeeze the handle to pinch the tee.
  • Lay your TeeHelper on the ground while you hit the ball, you can easily retrieve it without bending over.  Just put a club head or the grip end of your TeeHelper through the Hanging loop  and pick it up.

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 30 Day Satisfaction Return Policy.  1 Year Free Replacement if your TeeHelper breaks or fails to perform in any way.  


  • Q:  Will the TeeHelper work with all tees?    A:  While the TeeHelper can work with most tees, we recommend the use of magnum tees to offset inadvertently knocking the ball off a tee.
  • Q:  What if I try it and don't find it to my liking.  A: Of course we offer 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year replacement warranty on the device.  May we first suggest asking a fellow golfer if he/she would find it useful.  
  • Q:  Where can I buy a TeeHelper device.    A:  The easiest way to buy a TeeHelper is to click on our eBay link below .  You can also look for it in your local Pro shop or Golf store.


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How to use your TeeHelper

The Teehelper's primary use is for teeing up your golf ball.  Follow the basic instructions above.  Your TeeHelper can also easilly pick up a tee or a golf ball from the grass.

Lay your TeeHelper on the ground and pick it back up without bending over.  

Just insert your club's head or the grip end into the loop and sweep it up .

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